Nedavnya Оlgа Volodymyrivna, PhD, senior scientist of the Religious Studies Department of  H. S. Scovoroda Philosophy Institute of National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine

Christian Churches in Contemporary Ukraine Facing the Challenge of the Religious Pluralism as Freedom of Choice

The real religious pluralism in today’s Ukraine forces all (and, in particular, Christian) Churches to face the challenge of not only coexistence but also corresponding development, taking into account the freedom to choose faith and Church. The monopoly not only on possible “new” souls, but also on the “old” ones has remained in the past. In the epoch of new informational and communicative opportunities more and more people can freely assess, compare, choose and change faith and belonging to this or that religious organization despite of state, cultural and denominational borders. The Ukrainian specificity of certain “freethinking”, as well as in the number of other post-socialist countries, is caused, in addition, by atheistic education of several generations, which should not be neither overestimated nor underestimated. (більше…)